Cosplay Off Contest

Get ready to get sexy! The COSPLAY OFF CONTEST is back and ready for action! Come watch our contestants strut what their momma gave them for the top prize!

Cosplay Off applications: Open!

  • Closes November 30th

Cosplay Off Contest Rules/Regulations

  • I understand that I must be 18 years or older by December 6th, 2019, and agree to show a valid photo ID at the time of the contest to confirm my age. This applies to all people participating if this is a group entry. One handler/helper may accompany me or my group and must also show a valid Government Issued ID.

  • I understand that failure to follow policies and instructions by YamaCon staff and convention center staff or being unruly and disruptive can cause me (and any group members) to be removed from the contest and potentially the remainder of the convention.

  • I understand that full nudity is not allowed by law or YamaCon’s policies. Minimum coverage must include coverage of front genitalia for all genders and pasties for women. I understand that I will need to submit to a safety check to ensure that I have complied with the dress policy.

  • I understand that my performance can last no longer than 3 minutes and 30 seconds. I agree to submit my music to no later than November 30, 2019. I understand that my music must be in .mp3 or .aac format. No jump drives, iPods, or cell phones will be accepted to play music at the time of the show. I also understand that if I change my music, the amount of people in my act, or costume that I will use the email above to notify YamaCon’s adult staff of the change no later than November 30, 2019.

  • I understand that kissing, making out, or simulated sexual acts are not allowed during the performance. I understand for the safety of the audience and other contestants that the performance must remain entirely on the stage. No projectiles are allowed. No flashpots, explosive devices, glitter, silly string, or similar special effects are to be used.

  • I understand that YamaCon cannot secure personal items and badges. It is recommended to leave all non-essential items in the hotel room or with a trusted family member or friend beforehand.

  • I understand that all costumes and props must conform to YamaCon’s behavior, safety, and prop weapon policies.

Cosplay Off Registration