Hey guys! As we are on the final countdown *cue the song from 1980* to con…we’re making this post to remind you of important information. Sort of a “catch-all” of our Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the hours of registration?

Thursday- 4pm-8pm (This is for pre-registered attendees ONLY. No walk-in badges will be sold on Thursday)

Friday – 9am-7pm

Saturday – 9am-7pm

Sunday – 9am-2pm

What are the walk-in prices for badges?

3-day badge: $50

Friday badge: $30

Saturday badge: $30

Sunday badge: $20

Please visit the registration page: https://www.yamacon.org/walk-in-registration/

Do I need to buy a badge for my 'X' year old?

Children 7 years and under will receive free entry with a regular adult badge purchase. Children 8 years and over will need to purchase a badge if at regular price to attend Anime Blues Con.

Is this con appropriate for *insert age of child here*?

Anime Blues is a family-friendly convention. There is plenty to see and do if you are underage. While we do have an Adult Track, every one of those events requires you to prove that you are 18+. Security will be at the door checking IDs, so your little one will not be allowed access.

When will “specific panel/autograph times/dealer’s room hours/etc.” be?

Please refer to our beautiful schedule to help plan your weekend. It can be found at: https://www.yamacon.org/schedule

Where can I get the “Age Verified” wristband to attend the Adult panels?

Registration Desk (but please be advised that ABC staff/security reserve the right to ask for your ID even if you have an “Age Verified” wristband in your possession).

Will I be able to bring my prop/weapon to con?

Please refer to our Weapons Policy. We go into specifics of what is and is not allowed at the convention. It can be found at: https://www.yamacon.org/weapons-policy/

I’m so hungry….. what is there to eat?

The Sheraton Hotel will have a food area set up in the Exhibit Hall with basic con fare. Nachos, BBQ, Hot Dogs, Salads, Wraps, etc. If you would like to see what restaurants are within walking distance, please check out our map that we made just for you! https://goo.gl/maps/rHt2HyvGAft


Lost and Found is at the Registration Table. After registration hours, it will be in the Convention Operations room. (PLEASE keep up with your stuff. ABC is not responsible for lost personal items.)

Someone has made me uncomfortable…what do I do?

If you are being harassed, please find a member of staff or security. We should be very visible throughout the con. We encourage ALL attendees to read through the Code of Conduct that is required of our attendees. Anime Blues has a “zero tolerance” stance on harassment. If someone breaks this code, they are subject to be kicked out of the convention. https://www.yamacon.org/code-of-conduct/