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Registration FAQs:

What are the at the door prices?

– Friday: $25      Saturday:$30      Sunday:$20       3 day: $50

I bought my ticket and can’t come, can I get my money back?

-All ticket sales are final. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

I missed preregistration! Does this mean I can’t come to Yama-Con?

– Don’t worry passes will still be available to buy at the door.

What do the tiers mean?

– The tier system just refers to the time frame of ticket sales, but you get the same preregistration perks no matter when you buy. The tickets in the two tiers are the same; they just vary in price. Tier 1 is the first phase of ticket sales and is also when ticket prices are the cheapest. During tier 2, ticket prices jump up a bit. Tier 2 lasts until preregistration ends in November. The earlier you buy, the more money you save!

How do I pick up my tickets?

-To claim you tickets, you simply print out your eventbrite notification and bring a photo ID to registration in December. The person whose name is on the ticket must be the one to pick it up. Once we scan/confirm your ticket, you will get your pass which will be a pvc card on a lanyard. Your pass will get you into all events for Yama-Con weekend.

How many people do I have to have in my group to get the group pass discount? 

– Group passes are for groups of 6 or more.

What’s the point of pre-reg?

– Preregistering 100% guarantees your admission into Yama-Con. It is also cheaper than buying your pass at the door. Preregs also get into the dealer room 30 minutes early on Friday!

What comes with a VIP Pass?

– A VIP pass is a 3 day pass that includes the perks of a normal pre-reg pass plus: a special lanyard, a limited edition print done by one of our guest artists, your choice of a Yama-Con tshirt, line cut privileges for main events and autographs (autograph line cuts will be limited to once per guest per day), and most importantly a meet and greet with some (if not all) our guests on Friday evening for VIPS and Lifetimes only!

What do I get with a lifetime pass?

– This pass counts as pre-registering for Yama-Con this year and all future Yama-Con years forever more!!!! The pass holder will receive the same autograph line cut privileges as VIP pass holders as well as access to the VIP party on Friday evening, but does not include the shirt and print that comes with the VIP pass.

I only want to come for one day, how do a pre-reg for that?

– Preregistration is only for 3 day passes at this time. Single day passes will be available at the door.

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