Do you love Yama-Con? Do you wish more people knew about it? Would you like to be part of a group of Yama-Con’s most excited and dedicated fans?

Then why not join our Street Team! The Street Team is an elite group that helps us to promote Yama-Con in the places where they live, work and play.




Ways you can help:


Distribute Flyers                                                                                                       


• Give flyers to your friends, family, classmates, club-mates, or co-workers.
• Ask to leave a stack of flyers at your local comic book shop, book store, library.
• Post flyers on community bulletin boards, in your dorm, or at your school.
• If your local fandom convention or event has a flyer table, leave some there.
* Just make sure you have permission first!


Word of Mouth


• Ask to make an announcement in your class or club.
• Post about Yama-Con on your social media pages like Facebook or Twitter.
• Make a post about Yama-Con your favorite related forums.
• Tell everyone you know!
• Share all of our Facebook status updates.


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Do you have other ideas about great ways to promote our event? Email

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