Prejudging will be 11 am to 2 pm in the South Rooms. The Cosplay Contest is at 2:30 pm in Main Events.


Cosplay COntest Winners 2014



Best in Show

Best Group

Best Prop

Most Accurate

Most in Character


Best Youth (12 and under)

Judge’s Pick

*There may be extra categories added or categories taken away based on entries*

*Costumes will NOT be double awarded (no costume will receive two awards). Group entries (two or more participants) are only eligible to compete for “Best Group”.


Prizes are TBA. Past prizes have included: gift certificates from Arda Wigs, free passes for next year’s Yama-Con and M.A.G.M.A., trophies/plaques, and cash vouchers for the dealer room and artist alley.


The will be a room set aside specifically for prejudging before the contest on Saturday afternoon. You must complete prejudging to enter the contest, even if you are not competing for an award.

There are only 90 slots for the contest. We suggest you arrive early to be prejudged to guarantee your spot to compete in the contest.

Competitor Requirements:

  • All participants must have read and agreed to all convention rules and weapon policies regarding all costumes and props.
  • All participants must have a Yama-Con Badge.

Contest Rules:

1. Costumes can be handcrafted or assembled from purchased clothing.

2. Reference photos of your costume are suggested, but not required.

3. A costume creator may use a model to enter their costume.  Both the creator and the model must be present at prejudging to be eligible for the craftsmanship award.

4. Judges will be closely inspecting each costume up close, inside and out (i.e. flipping seams and hems, inspecting quality, etc.) as well as asking questions regarding the costume’s creation process during prejudging. Please be prepared to answer questions regarding the construction/making/assembling of your masterpiece.

5. Any costume that has won a previous award in another contest is not eligible for an award.  If a costume was part of a performance/skit that was awarded a performance-only award, the costume may be entered.

6. Exhibition costumes will be presented at the discretion of the director(s), and only if time permits during the catwalk.  Exhibition entries are for entrants who wish to strut their stuff onstage, but are either ineligible for an award or simply do not want to compete.

7. Con Staff reserves the right to use and publish photographs of the costume contest entrants.  They may be used on the convention website/social networking site for editorial, trade, advertising, and any other purpose or medium.

8. We reserve the right to limit entries based on the time frame. Entry slots will be limited to 90.


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